Getting Started


Download the installer from When asked to save, we recommend choosing your desktop and then allowing your browser to download the installer.


Launch the installer (e4chatsetup.exe), once it has installed the program you can launch e4 chat from the startup menu or from the icon on your desktop. When you launch e4 chat you will be presented with a login dialog.


Type your alias that you signed up with in the first box and your password in the second box, remember the passwords are case sensitive. Once you have successfully logged onto the system, the password can be changed at will from the OPTIONS Menu, and your alias can be changed from the Options/Setup menu.


Once you are logged in you will be presented with the contacts screen. Read about that here.


This option clears out any remembered password and login information so that next time a user tries to connect all the information needs to be re-entered. If you want to exit the program and retain the login information, (except the password), simply select Exit from the File menu and click OK when prompted (“Are you sure you want to Quit?”). If the selection had been made to “remember the password”, then after an “Exit” re-launching the application will automatically restore the last saved connection.


On launching the application, a prompt occasionally appears indicating that a newer version is ready to install. Dismiss the message by clicking on the OK button. When you have a chance, select the bottom menu item in the options menu. It will only be selectable if an update is available. On selecting it, the application will dowload the updates showing a progress bar as it goes. If the program needs to be restarted after the upgrade you will be prompted. If a restart is needed a small window will appear showing its progress updating the various components it just downloaded. When completed, a “Quit” button will appear at the bottom of the installer window. Click to quit the updater and restart the application. It will have been updated to the latest available version.


Your status is shown at the bottom right corner of the application screen. The Status indicates how receptive you are to messages or calls from other users. It is shown to other users next to your name in their contact lists. Your default status is Normal . You may change your Status by right clicking on the word Normal in the bottom right corner of the application screen, or on the File menu itrem Status. If you are one of their contacts, other users will immediately see your updated selection in their contact lists next to your name.

Status Options are: Normal, Busy, On Phone, In Call, Be right Back, Not at Desk and Stepped Out.