Options Menu

This is found on the Menu bar, and allows you to set the various options available in e4 Chat


This is a menu option available under the Options menu. many tabs are available:

This is a Tabbed dialog, there are numerous tabs at the top of the dialog, each tab controls a different group of options.

Network settings

Displays Alias and User ID (email). These are for information only and cannot be changed here

Auto Detect Firewall this is the recommended setting and should be checked, this will detect if you are behind a firewall or not.

Behind Firewall will be grayed out unless Auto detect is not set. You should only use this if you know you are behind a firewall that does not support UDP data traffic.

use Proxy you should only set this if you know you are runnign a proxy server and cannot access the internet unless you go through the proxy server. If you set this option you must type in the IP address and port of the proxy server.


Shows the status of Push to Talk (on or off), remember Password option, Auto Save IMs to the Mail Box, Auto Add Contacts to your Contact list when an IM is received from a new Contact.

Auto save IMs

When an IM is read in the In Box it is automatically saved into the Mailbox and removed from the In Box without requiring a manual right click to Save from the In Box list.

Auto add Contacts

When selected, any IM received from an unknown Contact will automatically put that user into your contact list. This takes the place of the right click selection from the In Box to Add a Contact.

Remember Password

This check box remembers the password of a user so that it need not be re-entered every time the application is started.

Push to Talk

This selection requires a user to click on the TALK button to talk and let go to listen to others. This is used primarily when a participant is using speakers and a microphone rather than a headset. It stops the echoing that can occur if the speakers are too close to the microphone as the incoming sound “loops” back into the microphone and is re-transmitted.

This setting although beneficial for voice quality (in some cases) it does not allow for natural conversation that can only occur with feedback and sometimes interruptions being heard as speaking occurs. This is called full duplex e4 networks does not support PCs with ½ duplex soundboards; it is not a preferred way to conference. You can also turn push to talk on or off temporarily using the push to talk check box at the bottom of the screen.

Prompt for pushed URLs

This setting will popup a dialog box everytime someone pushes a URL so you can check the URL before launching your browser to that URL. This is the recommended setting for security.

Allow Sharing (Business client only)

This setting disables the application sharing menu item. As application sharing is potentially a security risk you may want to leave this disabled.


This tab lets you turn on or off certain system sounds.


This tab allows you to select different color and font schemes for you window. You will need to restart the e4 chat program after selecting a new theme.

Block List

This tab allows you to add and delete names from your block list. When someone is on your block list they will not be able to send you IMs, IChats or call you. However if they are in the same group as you are you will be able to hear them if they speak.


This tab allows you to change your alias, you can add one more alias by clicking the add button, and you can delete an alias by selecting the alias in the list you want to delete and click the delete button. Be aware that if you delete an alias you will not be able to retrieve any unread offline messages for that alias. You should login to that alias and retrieve any messages before deleting it

Save Setup

This saves the sorting options from the Contact list. The left column of the Contact list now sorts by on-line/off-line and then alphabetically by name.

Sound Setup

This sound setup wizard will help check that the PC’s sound system is correctly configured and will set up volume levels for playback and record.Sound Setup

Internet Test

This launches a small program that will test yor internet connection and show you where any problems may be between you and the e4 chat servers. If you see problmes there you may copy and paste the results into an email and send to support@e4net.com.

Change Password/EMail

This allows a user to change their password and/or Email address.

To change the password simply type in the new password into “Change Password” and retype it into “Repeat Password”. If the Save login information checkbox is set then it will be remembered between re-launches. Save Password will allow the password to also be remembered between restarts.

To change the Email address just type in the new email address.

Just leave the relevenat field blank if you do not want to change that particular item. It is important to keep your email address up to date, because without a good email address e4 will not be able to tell you what your password is if you forget it.

Renew Subscription

Opens a web browser at the subscription wen page, allowing you to renew your subscription. This is only required if you pay manually.

Cancel Subscription

Opens a web browser at a page that allows you to cancel your subscription. This is only available if you have an automatic recurring subscription on Paypal.

Review Payments

Shows a list of all payments made


This setting is for advanced users and probably should not be changed, however if you are on a 28.8 modem you should set the codec to the lowest setting.

Empty Trash

This menu item will empty the IM, receipts and VMs from the Trash folder in the MBox.

Test Voice

This menu item puts the user in a special mode enabling a user to talk and hear their voice echo back with a delay from the server. The user’s voice quality and the quality of the Internet connection can be judged (and adjusted) from what is echoed back.


This menu selection from Options will ONLY be available when a new version of the application is ready to be installed. We would recommend that whenever you see the “Upgrade Available” dialog box appear when the application is first launched that you immediately go to the Options menu and select upgrade. This will download and install any patches that will add features or fix problems that have been identified and fixed. Once the update is downloaded a message under the updater dialog box to close the updater appears with a quit button. Once you have quit the updater window will close and re-launching the application will run the new version (the new version number will be visible under the help menu).