These are public Conference Rooms.

Join a Group

Select the Groups tag and you will see a list of locations listed by subject. The number of people in a “subject” is listed under the count column. Clicking on a subject, or if one if already selected, clicking the Join button will enter you into that Group. You will immediately be able to hear and talk to other participants, unless it is moderated and you need to request a microphone (see moderation below).

Create a Group

In order to create a new meeting place (or Group) simply click on the Create button and type in the name (Subject) that will be displayed to all users in all Group lists.

Once you have created the Group and invited participants to come via pre-arrangement or Messaging, as people arrive and join the Group you will see them in your participant list.

Note: If you are the only participant and you leave the group it will be cancelled. Dynamically generated Groups require at least one participant to exist. A core list of subjects is hard-coded into the application, so you can always find a set of useful groups that exist without needing to be created.

Leave a Group

Leaving a group is achieved by clicking on the “Phone Down” icon much as you would hang up a call. The main difference is that you cannot put a Group on hold (the icon is dimmed). As a participant you may leave at any time by “Hanging Up” and simply re-enter the Group when you are ready to join again.


You can also create Moderated groups, Click here for details.