Collaboration Menu

Push URL

This menu item allows a presenter to push web pages to all participants of a voice conference. The participant’s browsers will open (their default browser) and the page(s) sent will simply be displayed. No control of the participants’ browser is attempted and this implementation has the highest browser compatibility possible and uses no plug-ins at all.

In this release each URL needs to be copied and pasted (with a ctr V) into the Push URL box and sent. We are trying to automate this procedure and at the least make it simpler to copy and paste URLs from the browser’s window, but compatibility is our main concern.

A URL may be pasted using “ctrl V” keyboard shortcut.


The WhiteBoard, Application sharing and file transfer functions listed below require Net-Meeting 3.01 plug-ins for Windows 98, Me and NT 4.x (NT requires Service Pack 5 or above. Even with SP5 Net-Meeting must be run once and “enable sharing” selected from its Tools menu.) Note that Service pack 5 is required for NT to share applications and is available from:

NT without Service Pack 5 NT supports the receiving of application sharing only!

 The Net-Meeting 3.01 installer can be found on the Microsoft web site below:

 Both Win 2000 and XP have pre-installed or integrated support for e4 network’s Data Sharing and no download and installation is required.


When in a conference selecting the Collaboration menu item Whiteboard will launch a shared whiteboard on ALL participants’ PC screens. Even as new participants join they will be “presented” with the shared whiteboard and all its contents upon accepting the invitation to join the conference. If the window is closed the participant will need to leave and re-enter the conference to display the Whiteboard again.

App Share (Application Sharing) (Business client only)

Selecting Application sharing brings up the sharing window to manage what to share to all participants with the control levels allowed. Control levels include, Allowing control by request (Default), automatically (check box) and Not Now (check box).

Items that can be shared include the desktop or individual applications with or without remote control. Please be careful when allowing desktop control to another person as they can do anything that you can to your computer configuration, its files and its programs.

File transfer

When File transfer is selected a window appears that allows any file(s) to be dragged into its window and the sent to ALL participants computers. If you would like to send files to specific users, the pull down menu on the top right will allow you to select individual users. The files transmitted can be found in the default path set through the File Transfer Preferences (left hand icon).

Icons are also present to remove files from the list to be sent, Send file(s), Cancel Sending, and view received files.