A Live Contact List with Presence Indication

Presence Indication

When you first logon to e4 Chat, the contact list will have had a few names pre-installed for you. If a name has an orange phone to the left of it, then that user is logged into e4 chat at that moment. If a gray tape is shown, then that user is off line. You may not call an offline user, but you may send messages or voice mails, so that when he/she logs in they will receive the message(s).

The status of the user is also shown in the Status column, which is blank if they are offline.

Add Contacts

If you know a contact’s User Name, simply type it into the blank line at the bottom of the list marked with a small yellow add person icon . If the entry is mistyped, or does not have an account, then you will be notified that the user name does not yet exist. You will be allowed to put the name in the list, but you will know that it is not a valid account name.

If you receive an Instant Message you can right click on the sender’s name (in the IM tab window) and the bottom selection will add the person to your contact list.

Removing Contacts

Right clicking on a name in the contact list will display a list of possible actions including Remove. Selecting Remove will erase the name from your contact list permanently.

Sorting the Contact list

Clicking in the header at the top of the contact list will sort that column (i.e. Name, Status or online/offline). Shift click will reverse the sort order.

Docking the contact list

By default the contact list is a TAB and is docked in the main window. By unchecking the Docked option in the contact list toolbar area, the contact list will tear off and become a separate window, which can be placed anywhere on the desktop. This is useful if you are in a call and wish to see the contact list at the same time. To redock the contact list into the main window simply close it, or check the docked option again.

Sending Instant Messages

To one other user:

Double click on the name on your contact list, or simply select a name and click on the Send IM button above the contact list to go to the Compose IM screen. Type a subject and then write your message and press send. If you want a receipt when your message is read, select the “Return Receipt” check box. The “High Priority” check box will flag the message as urgent.

To multiple users:

Create the message as above in 1 and before sending it click onto the contacts tab. From the Contact list simply double click on additional users and their name(s) will be added to the cc list for the IM being composed. At this time names CANNOT be removed from a CC mail.

Starting an iChat

From your contact list, right-click on the user’s name with whom you want to text chat. Select “Start iChat” item on the menu. A text chat window will open on your computer. Simply type your first message line into the bottom of the message window and send it by pressing the Enter key. A similar window will automatically open on the recipient’s computer with your text in it. He or she can simply reply into their bottom line and press enter to reply. All the text is shown in the window, and even if it accidentally closed when the next message is sent it will reappear again with historical text (for that session and user only).

Sound testing

To test your sound, select Sound Setup from the Options Menu, the Sound Setup Wizard will test your PCs sound system and your microphone/speakers or headset.

This “Test Voice” menu item puts the user in a special mode enabling a user to talk and hear their voice echo back with a delay from the server. The user’s voice quality and the quality of the Internet connection can be judged (and adjusted) from what is echoed back.

Another good test is to create a voice mail and play it back. This tests the quality of your computer’s sound system and your microphone only.

Creating a Voice Mail

Creating your first voice mail by selecting a user in your contact list and either right clicking and then selecting Voicemail from the menu or simply selecting a user from the list and clicking the Voicemail button above the list. You will be taken to the Compose Voicemail tab screen. The controls on this screen are similar to a tape recorder and if the red circle button is pressed voice will be recorded. At any time the pause button can be pushed (2 vertical bars) and then the play button (right arrow) to play back the recording before pressing the send button to send it to your contact. To cancel a message and close the Voicemail tab imply click on the red X button.

Note that if you pause the recording before pressing playback you can press record again and record FROM THE END of your first message segment, and send the mail as one longer voice mail. At this time all messages are limited to 25 seconds duration for the high quality Codec (default) and up to 1 minute for the lowest quality (9.6k).

Making a PC-to-PC voice call

PC-to-PC voice calls require only one click of the mouse. Select an on-line contact and click on the orange phone to the left of their name. A call window will appear and you will be in a voice conversation with your contact if they accept the incoming call from you. At any time a call can be put on hold via the hourglass icon above the call window, pick up a call that has been put on hold (arrow up and phone icon) or hang up (arrow down and phone icon). A mute button will mute your outgoing voice in case of loud background noises or secondary conversations etc.. Right clicking on their name in the call list and selecting “Mute” will mute any single participant. An icon showing that the contact is muted is visible to the right of their name in the call participant list.

Answering a voice call (PC-to-PC)

When someone initiates a voice call to you will see a pop-up message box that tells you who is calling (their user name or caller ID), how long you have to answer before the caller is told you did not accept the call. You will have the option to “Accept”, “Accept and put any existing call on hold” or “Reject”.

Making a multi-person conference call (PC-to-PC)

A multi-person voice call (conference call PC-to-PC) is generated after answering or generating a voice call (as detailed above). Simply return to the Contacts tab and click on any on-line contacts that you require to be invited to join the conference call you had initiated. As your contacts accept their invitations they will be visible in the call window and will be able to hear and speak to you and all other participants. Standard Windows shortcuts also work in this screen.

Live text messages to all call participants

The lower pane in the call window is for sending text messages to the call.

By typing in the text window and hitting enter your message is sent to the call.